Do this, and you’ll never have to work a day in your life

Unless you’re blessed with a very rich old aunt or win lotto, chances are you’ll need to find money from somewhere.

Stuff costs money, and if you want the good stuff like nice cars, fancy holidays, comfortable homes, and trendy clothes, then you’ll need to do more than sit back and take handouts.

Our system is pretty simple – you work, and in return you get paid. But what if you could spend your time doing something that didn’t feel like work?

What if you could spend your days doing something that you love, and if you didn’t have to do it you’d probably want to anyway?


Fortunately, for people with the drive to find a great job they love it’s possible to feel like you’re not working a day in your life. I’m talking about the lucky people with a passion for gaming who go on to design innovative new games, or those who love fashion and end up designing the clothes you see on the runways.

There’s no magic solution to getting those jobs; they don’t just go to the lucky few who can afford it – if you ask the people in those roles, 9 times out of ten they simply worked their butts off to get there.


If you’ve got passion, anything is possible


The truth is that if you want to not work a day in your life, getting there takes work (stay with me…)


But the first step is to identify what you’re passionate about, and then work out how to turn that into a career. Let’s go through that now.


  1. Think about what you like to do in your time off


This part should be easy – get a piece of paper and write down your favourite activities. Include the ones you only get to do some of the time, and also think about the types of books you read, the shows you watch, and the news stories that you get excited about.

  1. Match your passions with possible careers


There’ll be obvious careers, but sometimes the best careers are the ones you don’t even know exist. Here’s some examples:


Love dancing?

You could try dancing professionally, or teaching young dancers. But have you thought about physiotherapy, remedial massage, personal training, sports management, working in an entertainment or drama company, costume designer, or even public school teacher? You’ll spend your days on your feet, being creative and helping others move their bodies.


Into gaming?

Other than being a professional gamer (and people actually get paid to do that), you could work in the companies creating the games, or for a special effects or 3D modelling brand. You could work on the stories as a script writer, or become a concept artist or designer. But you could also apply your skills to the world or IT or robotics, begin a career in mechanical engineering, or even study science or fine arts. You could work in a store selling games, or become a technology teacher.


Can’t get away from social media?

There are LOTS of jobs now for people who know and understand social media. You could build a huge fan base and become an influencer (like Kim K did), or work in marketing and use social media to sell products and increase brand awareness. You could coach others in how to use their own social media for their business, or become a digital media professional and manage the social media profile of your company. Most major brands and celebrities employ digital media professionals, even politicians have experts on their teams to control their online image. Just keep your own profile squeaky clean if you plan on going down this path.


Skating/surfing/camping mad?

For people who love being physical, there are a huge number of jobs available. From the obvious like professional skater or surfer, to some you might not think of. We need town planners, environmental experts, surveyors, rangers, all sorts of people who plan, build and maintain our public spaces. Most councils have a team dedicated to urban spaces such as skate parks, and you could design new parks or just keep them running. But also think about anything physical, from the construction industry, right through to trades and road workers, even physiotherapists, sports scientists, PE teachers, and gym owners. If you want to keep moving, there’s a job out there for you.


Always reading about history?

Believe it or not, there are heaps of jobs for people who love learning and reading. Your research skills and extensive knowledge could lead to a career as a museum curator, professional historian, or political scientist. Lawyers and legal specialists need to know lots about how our world works and what’s happened in the past, and they also need advanced research skills. Historians make great story tellers, and you could write novels or screenplays. Or work in preservation as part of the construction industry, and ensure our heritage is protected for future generations.



  1. Make a shortlist


Keep your list somewhere safe, and when you come across a new career that fits with your passion then write it down. Start researching what you need to do to get into that field, and if you can try to talk to some people already working there.


Following your passion is a great way to create a career you’ll love, so start thinking about your future today. Once you’ve got that tricky first step sorted and you know where you’re going, everything else should fall into place.



Further Reading:


You can find some great in-depth career bullseyes at the myfuture website, although they’re set out by subject stream rather than passion. Simply find the subject that matches your passion most closely and go from there.



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