The Complete UMAT Rundown

Thinking of studying medicine, dentistry or health sciences? You need to know about UMAT.


UMAT stands for the Undergraduate Medicine and Health Sciences Admission Test. It’s a test that’s designed to help select students for undergraduate medicine and health science programs for participating universities.


If you’re in your final year of secondary school and want to enter a medicine or health science degree next year then you need to sit UMAT in 2018. It’s only held once a year.


In 2018 it will be held on Wednesday 25 July


It’s an aptitude test. It’s designed to test your attributes and abilities, specifically in

  • critical thinking and problem solving
  • understanding people
  • abstract non-verbal reasoning


They test for these skills because they’re considered highly important for the study and practice of medicine and health sciences. It’s not based on the curriculum you study at school, and doesn’t require any knowledge or skills in maths, sciences, or any other area.


They simply use these results, in combination with other selection criteria, to determine successful candidates for the specified medical and health science degrees.


You can find out more about the structure of the test, and the registration procedure in their downloadable Guide.


Prepare for UMAT


You don’t have to complete any kind of preparation course, but practising the test online and completing a UMAT workshop might help you feel more comfortable about sitting the test and give you confidence on the day.


Their website states:

Intensive preparation is not advisable or necessary.  However, wide and critical reading may provide helpful preparation and, as with any test, some practice in answering questions of a similar type, and under similar time constraints as those found in the real test is helpful and reassuring to most candidates. It is also helpful to practice using a machine-readable answer sheet similar to the one in the actual test.”


The UMAT website offers official UMAT practise tests (the first one is free with your registration). They don’t endorse any external preparation courses, nor do they help develop those courses, and while we’ve listed some of them below for you at MHSCareers we also don’t endorse any of the external courses. It’s possible that an external course you take may give you misleading advice or information, so always do your research at the source and take their advice with a pinch of salt.

Which universities need a UMAT score?

New South Wales
Charles Sturt University – Dental Science
The University of Newcastle/ University of New England – Joint Medical Program
The University of New South Wales – Medicine
Western Sydney University – Medicine

Northern Territory
Charles Darwin University – Clinical Sciences

University of Tasmania – Medicine

South Australia
The University of Adelaide – Medicine, Dental Surgery
Flinders University – Clinical Sciences/Medicine

The University of Queensland – Medicine (provisional entry), Dental Science

La Trobe University – Health Sciences in Dentistry/Master of Dentistry† Oral Health Science†
Monash University – Medicine

Western Australia
Curtin University – Medicine
The University of Western Australia – Medicine (Direct Pathway), Dental Medicine (Direct Pathway)

New Zealand
The University of Auckland – Medicine
University of Otago – Medicine, Dental Surgery


Australian Resources

They offer online learning, 2-day workshops and personalised coaching.

HelloUni UMAT Study Course
HelloUni’s advanced software will help you to learn not only the content for your exam, but it will also teach you about your own study habits, strengths and weaknesses.
Get the course –

Tutoring from current medical students, workshops and UMAT mock exams. Include crash courses, intensive workshops and mock exams in Melbourne and Sydney.

Essential Education Coursebooks
Affordable workbooks you can do in your own time

National Institute of Education
Workshops, tuition and ongoing support. They’ve been supporting students for 19 years.

Engaging theory lessons and up-to-date UMAT resources plus hundreds of online UMAT drills.


Free Resources

MedEntry – practice exams, blog articles and information about UMAT

MedView – they offer a free academic assessment

NIE – Free practice questions, and free info sessions (currently only in Sydney) – lots of sample questions and a handy blog.

Matrix – beginners guide to UMAT preparation

Medstudentsonline – UMAT Forum

UMAT Test Centres for 2018

In 2018 test centres will only be offered in the following cities and towns:

New South Wales
Coffs Harbour



Northern Territory
Alice Springs

Gold Coast

Western Australia

South Australia


New Zealand

United Kingdom


United States of America
Washington DC

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