National Skills Week – delivering pathways to careers

It’s all about educating you, the students and the public, about options for training and other career paths available within Australia’s Vocational Education and Training (VET) sector.

National Skills Week 27th August to 2nd September 2018

VET is designed to provide you with the specific skills, knowledge and workplace experience to help you pursue a career within a defined industry.

If you have a specific career in mind, you’d like to start earning straight away, or maybe you just don’t fancy going to University, then you might want to consider a VET course or an apprenticeship.

National Skills Week is designed to break down barriers to VET courses – people tend to think that these courses and apprenticeships are really limited, but VET can provide entrance into most industries and careers, from trades, architecture, engineering and office work, to retail, hospitality and technology.

Learn about the options available with VET, and discover your future career potential within different industries and occupations.

“The fact is that VET qualifications lead to successful, meaningful, professional careers with great salaries and outstanding careers prospects.”

The Hon. Karen Andrews – Assistant Minister for Vocational Education and Skills

The Facts about VET and Apprenticeships

Vocational Education and Training (VET)

VET Courses are delivered by TAFEs and other Registered Training Organisers (RTO’s) – there’s around 5,000 to choose from, check out the link above to find one near you and see what’s on offer.

The benefits:

  • They offer short courses covering most industries you can imagine (and probably a few more)
  • Get a taste of different jobs and choose a career you’d like to pursue
  • Any VET courses you do will teach you useful skills that could be transferable to other industries
  • Doing a VET course is going to look great on your CV
VET Courses can be FREE

With the importance of VET Skills being recognised by the government for the future growth of Australia’s economy, there are few ways you can access subsidised short courses so you won’t be out of pocket.

Education in Australia is largely state-based, and access to free courses can vary between states.

There is plenty of information out there and its really easy to find with a quick internet search.

For example, – this site lists all the free non-apprenticeship courses and apprenticeship pathway courses available in Victoria for 2019.


Click here to find out how you can earn while you learn, get workplace experience in addition to gaining new skills. You can work directly with employers or through organisations who arrange it all for you, and you might even have a job lined up before you finish.

You can start an apprenticeship while still at school in Years 11 & 12, as a school-leaver or if you are just seeking a career change later in life. A secondary school certificate or other qualifications may not be required to secure a traineeship.

Get Involved

There are so many ways you can get involved with National Skills Week and find out more:

Anyone can participate in National Skills Week
Key Events

With events, open days, workshops, showcases and more happening in every state across Australia, search here to see what’s going on near you

Skills One TV

Watch some of these informative short videos about opportunities within different industries, future skills, work placements, women in trades and worldskills

Career Pathways available

Read about some of the institutions offering VET courses and watch some short videos about the choices on offer

Real Stories Real Achievements video stories

Read about some of the past winners, runners-up and finalists of the Australian Training Awards, get motivated reading about their successes though VET

Australian Apprenticeships Ambassadors

Australian Apprenticeship Ambassadors talk about how their experiences led them to a career, higher pay packets and a rewarding work life

Real Opportunities

Short video showcasing opportunities that everyday people have experienced through their apprenticeships

Skills and Thrills in Queensland

Look back the highlights of the showcases around Queensland, taking careers advice out of the classroom providing fun facts and films for Year 7-12’s about industry trends and jobs of the future

Teacher Resources
Skills and Thrills

Easily digestible film clips from the Queensland Showcases, highlighting future jobs and industry trends, with fun facts for your students

Hundreds of Videos about skills and trades

A huge variety of short videos to share with your students about industries out there, future skills required and advice about how to go about getting them

Real Skills for Real Careers

Motivational videos about some the past winners of the Australian Training Awards

Australian Apprenticeships Ambassadors Speakers

See about getting one of the many Ambassadors to come to school and speak with your students

15 ideas to get your students involved in Skills Week

Click on the ‘Helpful tips for Schools & Careers Advisers’ for a handy list of ways to engage your pupils

And if there’s still more you’d like to do, then contact your local TAFE or registered RTO and find out when they have their open days.

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