Job Spotlight Events Coordinator / Events Specialist

What do they do?

Create, coordinate and deliver seamless events like weddings, expos, trade shows, conferences or concerts from start to finish.


  • Prepare and work to a budget.
  • Scout for, book and organise locations, sponsors, staff, talent and attendees.
  • Co-ordinate everything from marketing and press coverage, entertainment, décor, security, lighting, parking and other amenities, catering and more.

Skills required:

  • Great interpersonal skills (especially communication)
  • Organised and efficient
  • Calm under pressure,
  • Work well in a team,
  • Tech, negotiation & problem-solving skills.

Pathways include:

Certificate III or Diploma in Events Management Bachelor’s Degree in Business or Hospitality Management (or related field). Whichever way you choose to go, industry work experience is usually a must. Average salary $60,530 per annum (source: SEEK) Job growth in this area is good and expected to remain strong (source:


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