Mary’s road from student to teacher

Mary Rogers and Open Universities Australia go back a long way – she was first a student, who was enrolled through OUA in the mid-90’s, and is now a Senior Lecturer, teaching online at Griffith University. Mary shares with us the journey that led her from curious student to esteemed academic.

How it all began

Before OUA, Mary had worked in a global advertising agency for around 7 years. While she enjoyed many aspects of her role, she couldn’t help but feel that something was lacking from her life experience – which she realised was a degree. With her sights set on a university qualification, distance education through OUA offered the flexibility to look after her pre-schooler and follow her passion.

 “I had always been interested in psychology; I wanted to understand more about human behaviour, why we think, behave and react the way we do. I really enjoyed returning to study and did quite well in the courses I undertook, and this just made me want to continue my studies.”

Mary hadn’t yet locked down a career plan, but she remained motivated by setting achievable goals along the way, and found herself drawn to organisational behaviour and career development. By completing the required subjects, Mary became eligible to transfer to Griffith University’s Gold Coast campus, and complete her Bachelor of Psychology with first class honours.

From student to lecturer

As a registered psychologist with a PHD under her belt, Mary worked as a research fellow in Griffith Health for 7 years, and then applied for her current job – Senior Lecturer in Employment Relations and Human Resources, specialising in teaching online courses. Even after 14 years at Griffith University, Mary’s still focused on creating exciting new ways to enhance student learning.

“I’m very excited to be part of Griffith University’s newest and fastest growing campus, the digital campus, which reflects the attractiveness of online learning to fit students’ lifestyle and work commitments.”

Through Mary’s experience studying via distance education, she developed an affinity for online students, enabling her to develop strategies to assist them with common challenges like time management and juggling a family.

Advice for students

Mary’s students can struggle with the remoteness of online learning, so first and foremost, she encourages them to engage in discussions and forums set up by the universities, easily accessed within the learning platform.

In my experience, those who contribute and/or attend forums are more engaged with their studies, have a better understanding of the unit materials and are more likely to achieve a good overall result. I encourage my students to set goals and stay focused on their studies, and to treat learning as a lifelong pursuit, which is so important to achieving future career success.”

Mary also encourages students to contact tutors if they need support beyond content and technical queries. She knows first-hand that teachers want students to have an enjoyable and meaningful learning experience, and are available for social and emotional support too.

If you, like Mary, are ready to explore a field of study you find fascinating, don’t hesitate to fill out the form on this page, and a friendly student advisor will get in contact. Otherwise, head over to our website to browse over 170 degrees and 1300 subjects from leading Australian universities.

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