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Job Spotlight Pilot / Aviator

The sky’s the limit

“The bad news is time flies. The good news is you’re the pilot” – Michael Altshuler

What do they do?

Pilots operate and control the flight of different types of aircraft. If you enjoy flying, you’re great at maths and you’re a really hands on person who gets technology, then being a pilot could be a career for you.


  • Carry out pre-flight checks – weather, engineering checks, fuel, load and weight distribution, flight path & schedules
  • Safely fly the aircraft from its origin to destination, including landing and take-off
  • Maintain lines of communication open and clear with control towers on departure and landing, co-pilot, crew and any passengers
  • Keep passengers, crew, cargo and the aircraft out of danger

Skills required:

  • Excellent spatial awareness and coordination
  • Understanding of maths and physics
  • Ability to understand technical information from engineering to software
  • Quick thinking and problem solving
  • Good communication and team work skills
  • Calm under pressure

Pathways include:

Obtain private pilot’s license & commercial pilots license through an approved flying school VET qualification in Aviation Degree in Aviation, Aviation Technology or Science (majoring in Aviation) Australian Defence Forces Airline cadetships Average salary for commercial pilots is $146,043 per year (Source: *Salary range within this industry is huge, dependent on the type of aircraft being flown and who you work for. Job growth in this area is expected to remain stable (source:

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