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Job Spotlight Pilot / Aviator

The sky’s the limit

“The bad news is time flies. The good news is you’re the pilot” – Michael Altshuler

What do they do?

Pilots operate and control the flight of different types of aircraft.If you enjoy flying, you’re great at maths and you’re a really hands on person who gets technology, then being a pilot could be a career for you.


  • Carry out pre-flight checks – weather, engineering checks, fuel, load and weight distribution, flight path & schedules
  • Safely fly the aircraft from its origin to destination, including landing and take-off
  • Maintain lines of communication open and clear with control towers on departure and landing, co-pilot, crew and any passengers
  • Keep passengers, crew, cargo and the aircraft out of danger

Skills required:

  • Excellent spatial awareness and coordination
  • Understanding of maths and physics
  • Ability to understand technical information from engineering to software
  • Quick thinking and problem solving
  • Good communication and team work skills
  • Calm under pressure

Pathways include:

Obtain private pilot’s license & commercial pilots license through an approved flying schoolVET qualification in AviationDegree in Aviation, Aviation Technology or Science (majoring in Aviation)Australian Defence ForcesAirline cadetshipsAverage salary for commercial pilots is $146,043 per year (Source:*Salary range within this industry is huge, dependent on the type of aircraft being flown and who you work for.Job growth in this area is expected to remain stable (source:
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