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Job Spotlight Graphic Designer

What do they do?

Graphic Designers are professionals who design and create images, typography, animations, and other forms of visual work for all types of media from print to tv. Artistic and creative with a large splash of computer skills? If that describes you then there’s a good chance a career as a graphic designer would suit you.


  • Meet with clients or art directors to understand project requirements, scope, and budget
  • Advise strategies for targeting audiences
  • Determine the message to be conveyed
  • Design the images that convey the message or develop graphics for illustrations, websites, and logos
  • Choose branding – font, colour palette, images, layout etc.
  • Present the project to the client / director
  • Make edits if required
  • Publish the work to a quality determined by the project

Skills required:

  • Creativity
  • Technology – must be able to master all sorts of technology and software to achieve the required end product
  • Time management
  • Communication skills
  • Typography
  • Attention to detail

Pathways include:

Diploma or VET Certificate in Design or similar Degree in Design majoring in Graphic Design Apprenticeships Average salary for Graphic Designers is $53,030 per year (Source: *Salary range varies depending on speciality and experience Job growth in this area is expected to be very strong (source:

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