Classroom Activities from My Career Match

Here’s a bunch of great classroom activities you can do with students before and after they receive their personalised careers advice report.


Before they receive their reports:


After receiving their reports:

  • Student Workbook – This workbook is a great class activity once students have their report. It’s designed to help students reinforce the connection between their personality styles and careers that match. Download Student Workbook: PDF | Word
  • Career Personality Map – This map gives Careers Advisers an overview of the 16 personality styles, their key behavioural characteristics and careers that match these qualities. (Each report includes a career map). Career Personality Map, DPSA Personality Styles
  • Family Career Chart – This is a nice way for students to start a conversation with parents and family about their careers. Students complete the family tree to see what everyone has done. Family Career Chart
  • Career Sites – Awesome sites to help students explore everything about careers. Enter


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