Job Jumpstart Tools and Resources

You can refer young people to Job Jumpstart for them to explore by themselves or you can use the website to find resources for lesson plans.

The Toolbox also contains a presentation Making informed career choices – supporting secondary school students (developed by the Department of Jobs and Small Business) which may be of use when talking to students and parents. It provides a range of employment related information, including advice from employers, that can help young people make career decisions.

You can have confidence in the Job Jumpstart resources because they were developed in association with professionally recognised career advisers from the Career Industry Council of Australia.

Talking to parents about their child’s post-school pathway?

Check out our article ‘Five myths about higher education’ for information and interesting facts about university and VET.

Job Jumpstart Résumé Quiz – New!

The Job Jumpstart Résumé Quiz is an engaging, fun and easy-to-use learning tool that aims to educate job seekers on how to draft and tailor a résumé to a specific job.

Take the quiz!

See other resources available.

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