Campion College Early Acceptance Scheme

For current school leavers (Year 12 students) who are in the process of completing their formal studies at a secondary school, and will receive an ATAR.

The Early Acceptance Scheme provides the opportunity for successful applicants to receive their offer based on their completed application. The offer will be conditional on meeting the minimum ATAR or OP requirements upon completion of their Year 12 studies.

Early Acceptance Scheme applicants must submit the School Recommendation form, available here.
Applicants must download the form and present it to a teacher or authorised school officer at their school. The completed form can either be returned to the Applicant, or sent directly to the Coordinator of Admissions at Campion College by email to

Successful applicants must provide Campion College with certified copies of their ATAR or OP results as soon as they are available.

OPEN DATE Open now

1 December 2019

10 business days after submitting a completed application

New South Wales

Application Criteria

– School Recommendation – Academic Results

(a) Mid & Final Year 11 Results (all applicants) (b) Mid-Year 12 Results (if available); and
(c) Year 12 Trial Results (if available)

– Written Statement:
(a) Reflective Task; or (b) Analytical Task.

– An Interview

Apply here

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