Australian STEM Video Game Challenge

The Australian STEM Video Game Challenge provides Australian students with a real-world opportunity to acquire, harness and apply new skills and knowledge in STEM-related fields and disciplines; combining them with creativity and technology to produce interactive, stimulating and meaningful responses to the goal of developing a playable video game.

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The Australian STEM Video Game Challenge is completely free to enter. This year’s competition will run from Tuesday 19 Feb – Weds 7 August 2019 (Inclusive of registration, game build and entry submission.)

Students can enter in teams of 1- 4 members. All members of a team must be registered by their Mentor to participate and be eligible for a prize.

All registrants must be Australian citizens and have consent from a parent or guardian.

Each team is required to have a mentor – a nominated adult (18+) that will agree to act as a contact point between the Australian STEM Video Game Challenge and the team, and who can help to keep the team on-track while developing their game! There is no limit to how many teams a mentor can support.

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