Understanding University Early Entry

Not to state the obvious – again – but we know that Year 12 is quite epic. In terms of making decisions, study, doing applications, exams and the nerves and anxiety associated with all that.

So, if there was a way that you could reduce just a bit of that stress or take a bit of the load off, would you do it?

Heard of Early Entry?

Early entry is a system that some universities or tertiary admissions centres (TAC) use to help them select students before the normal application process takes place. You apply through a special system and get an offer earlier than if you waited and used your ATAR to apply normally.

Generally, it applies to students who are performing brilliantly academically throughout Year 11 and semester 1 of Year 12, or for students who have immersed themselves in community engagement, volunteering and so on that are recognised by their schools as having lots of potential as future leaders for example. Sometimes there may be other criteria which could make you eligible, like where you live or your financial status.

One little application could help you breathe a big sigh of relief

Imagine knowing you had a spot at uni before you even sat your final exams! You can relax, knowing you have a spot to go to, and you can avoid all the stress of trying to select preferences at the same time as you face your final assessments.

You can apply for every single program out there, and if you get and offer you don’t have to take it unless you want to. Some of them come with great scholarships as well, so why not apply for lots (there’s usually no cost involved) and then be in the envious position of being able to choose where you go from multiple offers.

You should also know that most of the offers are conditional

That means that the University definitely thinks you deserve a place on their course and are keen for you to study with them in 2020. They’ve looked at the course prerequisites and studied all the information you’ve provided, then come up with an ATAR that they think is achievable for you.

As long as you score that result on your ATAR (or above), then your place at Uni is guaranteed.

And some offers are guaranteed straight away, so you could get a guaranteed place before you even start your exams (but please don’t use that as an excuse to blow off your exams).

What are the benefits?

  • Get all your paperwork done and dusted before the last quarter of the year
  • Peace of mind
  • Start planning for your life at Uni, find a place to live (if you’re leaving home), and arrange work
  • Get first dibs on the uni accommodation, since they often book out quickly
  • Your place could come with a scholarship or bursary to help you study
  • Early Offers are prestigious (your school will LOVE it) and look great on your resume
  • You’re not compelled to take the offer, so you can still apply through the normal process and choose what you want to do later on

The catch? Almost every uni has a different system

Navigating the different application processes, deadlines, and requirements can be tricky. That’s why we’ve put together a simple guide explaining which universities offer early entry, where you can find information about your eligibility,  as well as the all-important application dates and how to apply details.

You can find it here.

You’ll need to be logged in to read the Guide – register here (and don’t forget to get your school code from your Careers Advisor if your school subscribes to Study Work Grow!)

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