Applying for jobs (and sometimes when you’re applying to tertiary education), you’ll need a resume.

A resume or CV (Curriculum Vitae), is a document which details your work and study history, including all your achievements and skills so far.

You need to provide all the essential details in a professional looking, easy-to-read format. Keep it nice and concise, as nobody will want to plough through pages and pages irrelevant information. In fact – they just won’t bother reading it at all if it’s too long.

So what do you need to include for your first ever resume?

  • Your name, age and contact details
  • Your education details, including the names of your schools and a list of subjects you’ve studied
  • Any jobs you’ve had, including volunteer work and work experience
  • A list of your skills
  • Any awards or achievements
  • Your hobbies and interests

There are plenty of free templates around to help you design the right resume for you. From the Simple Resume Builder at Study Work Grow, to specialised industry relevant ones if you really want to get fancy.

Before you go nuts designing your resume, you might like to read the tips in this article about the do’s and don’ts of resume writing.

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