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High-End Resume Templates

In addition to the tonnes of free resume templates out there (see the Study Work Grow recommendations here), you can pay for someone to design a CV for you, or you can pay for apps and programs that will do an amazing job too.

If you’re really motivated and want to make a great impression with your CV. Perhaps you want to get into the most highly sought after scholarships, courses or careers, and you really want to stand out from the competition. You might want to consider investing a bit of money on creating your resume.

Pebblepad is an award-winning portfolio and personal learning platform that allows you to collect, curate, communicate, and share all kinds of work, achievements and skills. They have lots of templates you can use.

If you’re an artist, designer, or game developer for example, and you have a body of work you’ve created that you’d like to or need to share. Pebblepad would be a great option for you to investigate.

It’s becoming really popular at Universities, so if you decide to invest in an account then you won’t be wasting money, you may be able to continue using it whilst you’re at Uni and into your career.

What’s the downside? Well, unfortunately there is a cost involved, but it’s really not that expensive.


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