OP to ATAR explained

From the end of 2020 the Overall Position (OP) will be no more and the Australian Tertiary Admission Rank (ATAR) will replace it.

QTAC have created this ATAR PowerPoint presentation for parents (PPTX 146.3MB) that explains it really thoroughly.

Summary of changes:

  • New curriculums are being introduced and new subjects are available
  • Instead of the OP 25 point scale, ATARs are calculated on a 2,000 point scale (from 99.95 to 0.00)
  • The Queensland Core Skills (QCS) test will no longer be carried out after 2019
  • Eligible Year 12’s will still receive a Queensland Certificate of Education (QCE) as well as a Senior Statement showing all studies and results achieved on completion of their studies
  • Students can take either 5 subjects, or 4 subjects and either an applied subject / completed Certificate III / VET qualification
  • One of the subjects must be English / English as an additional language / English & Literature Extension / Literature / Essential English. And students must get a “C” grade or above
  • The names of some subjects may change. E.g. Maths A will be called General Mathematics
  • QTAC will carry out subject scaling – this process ensures that students who do different subjects can be compared fairly

What it means for students

There are no subjects or pattern of subjects that will guarantee a high ATAR, the only way students will get high ATAR scores is by doing well in their chosen subjects.

So it’s important that students continue to choose subjects that they find interesting, they enjoy and that are subjects that could lead into a tertiary qualification.

The ATAR is recognised Australia wide.

My Path is an innovative tool that helps Year 10 students choose their senior subjects, determine their ATAR eligibility and check whether their senior subject selection will meet prerequisites for courses they may want to pursue after Year 12.

QTAC have even more resources, if you’re interested to learn more.

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