STEM Careers With Department of Defence

Find out more about the type of career you could build with the Department of Defence, Science and Technology.


Renée Webster’s chemistry background helps fuel Defence aircraft.

Meet Brad Baker, a University of Queensland Masters Graduate, now working as a food technologist at DST Group.
Huon Bornstein created his own personalised STEM Program: from Uni to Defence Science, then PhD research – read more.
Read about Madeleine’s exciting and challenging career in Defence and how a STEM career in Australia can lead the world.
Research Jobs, Australia-wide in Defence – read profiles of staff members and their STEM careers.
Science jobs within Defence – Long Nguyen forges suits of armour for a modern day army – read more.
Joanne Culpepper’s work at DST Group reveals remarkable insights through science – read about our Research Jobs
Swinburne and RMIT students navigate STEM Education opportunities, supported by DST Group, learn more.
Explore the apprentice pathway into STEM Careers at DST Group – follow Joshua’s journey.
Natalie Stevens is one of many women scientists at DST Group, developing their careers both on and above the planet!

Yi Rye (Jireh) Choi fell in love with physics in Year 12. Little did she realise that, years later, she would develop that passion into a successful career as one of Defence’s women in science.

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