The Universe and the future of space

Tue 12 Mar 2019, 7–8pm | Hobart

Wed 13 Mar 2019, 7.30–8.30pm | Launceston

Thu 14 Mar 2019, 7–8pm | Burnie

Tue 19 Mar 2019, 7.30–8.30pm | Kyneton

Wed 20 Mar 2019, 7.30–9.30pm | Wangaratta

For one-night only, ANU superstar Astrophysicist Dr Brad Tucker will talk about the Universe and the future of space followed by an evening of stargazing with the audience.

In the past few decades, rapid progress in technology has led to a complete change in our view of the Universe. In the next few decades, this will change even more as we become an inter-planetary species. Dr Brad Tucker will talk about some of these discoveries, from planets around other stars, to exploring the Universe and maybe even visiting other planets, and show we are now turning science fiction into reality.

THIS EVENT IS FREE AND OPEN TO THE PUBLIC. Feel free to bring your own telescope to stargaze.

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