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Want to work at the Zoo?

Sydney Zoo (in Western Sydney, NSW) is opening soon and looking to fill hundreds of positions

We anticipate employing approximately 50 full time staff and over 100 casual staff. These positions will be in a range of roles including zoo keeping, administrative, landscaping, repairs and maintenance, customer service, retail, food service, cleaning and assorted other areas.

These positions will be available on a mix of full-time, part-time and casual bases and will be a mix of skilled, unskilled, paid and volunteer roles.

Importantly, we will have a number of entry-level, flexible positions for young people seeking to gain experience.

We anticipate that our brand will be widely recognised, and working for us will represent a good entry to the workforce. We will offer opportunities for both internal progression and development at the zoo, and as a credible ‘brand name’ employer will positively contribute to the CVs of our staff.

Sydney Zoo will also be offering job training for its employees as it looks to partner with TAFE in development of a range of Cert III and Cert IV qualifications for its employees.

From their media release:

“Sydney Zoo, the first new zoo to be built in Sydney for more than 100 years, is hosting its first jobs fair tomorrow, Tuesday March 12, to provide future employees the opportunity to learn about the Life Sciences roles now available at Sydney Zoo.

“Held at Novotel West HQ in Rooty Hill, the inaugural jobs fair is set to attract applicants for full time senior keeper and general keeper roles across Australiana, Reptiles, Elephants & Ungulates, Aquatics, Primates and Carnivores.

“Prior to its opening in the second half of 2019, the zoo is looking to onboard a workforce of over 150 jobs across life sciences, zoology, hospitality, maintenance, retail and admin. The zoo will host its second jobs fair in late April to announce additional casual and full time roles in the hospitality sector.”

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