Brits Flit to CQUni showing ‘Gumption’ for Oral Health

Shropshire native Hannah Shipley and Glaswegian Rachael Crawford-McConville have both found a sweet spot in their journey to become oral health therapists.

Both were already in Australia, both had dental nurse experience and both heard that CQUniversity Rockhampton North campus provided a leading Bachelor of Oral Health program.

After three years of study, an oral health therapist career path will offer them much wider scope of practice and higher pay.

In fact, they will be able to perform preventive and operative dentistry for patients of all ages and promote oral health in the community.

Hannah was backpacking through Australia when she not only picked up work with a dentist in Brisbane, which sparked her interest in oral health.

She also gained an Aussie boyfriend, who has relocated to Rockhampton with her to pursue engineering studies at CQUniversity.

“I heard that the CQUni Oral Health program was the best place you can go around Queensland and very supportive,” Hannah says.

Rachael came to Gladstone with her family and completed high school in the Port City before starting work in a local dental practice.

“At the practice, there were three ladies who have done the CQUni course and they all loved it and that’s what spurred me to do it,” she said.

“This course provides us with a broader scope of work for a better salary.

“I’m now commuting from Gladstone to Rocky to do the course, while also playing soccer in a local Gladstone team.”

Rachael originally started with CQUniversity while still in high school, thanks to the Start Uni Now (SUN) program.

Both of the British students are enjoying the fact that there are often kangaroos lazing in the shade outside their Oral Health Clinic on campus.

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