Early Entry Guide

Don't wait, get an early offer to uni

Early Entry rewards you for your hard work throughout school

At Study Work Grow, we know that your ATAR is just one (relatively insignificant) part of the puzzle.

Only around 1 in 4 people get into uni based solely on their ATAR – everyone else uses a combination of other experience, external test results, interviews and references to get a spot.

Early Entry Programs take students based on all their skills, attributes and experiences – which means the university has more control over who is admitted to their programs, and in return you can get a place without needing to rely on your ATAR.

But Early Entry can be complex – each uni has their own system with its own requirements, and it can be confusing to know where to start. Which is why we’ve created our Guide – University Early Entry 2020.

Download the Guide here – Early Entry 2020

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