Lesson Plans

BITE BACK Mental Fitness Challenge

Designed for students in Years 8, 9 and 10 (but suitable for all), this six week challenge is designed to improve positive psychology in students. It covers areas including Gratitude, Mindfulness, Social Connections, Character Strengths, and Meaning and Purpose.

Each week teachers can introduce a new focus area and help students complete an activity that can build ‘mental fitness’ in that area.

All the resources and lesson plans have already been designed and are ready to be delivered.

There are six modules within the MFC that are completed online. Each module takes 10- 15 minutes to complete and contains:

• a quick animation to introduce the topic.

• some reading.

• an activity that is mostly conducted online.

Once a module is completed, subsequent modules will unlock the following Monday at 12am.

For more information about the challenge and to read the lesson plans, click on this Youth Educator Resource.

Bite Back also have other resources and information available for educators to use.

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