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UAC’s Subject Compass

In Year 10, students finally get the chance to make choices about which subjects they’d like to study (and which ones you can finally drop).

Whilst that’s great on most levels, actually making the decisions isn’t always easy.

Choosing subjects that you like and that you’re good at are the best ways to choose what you’re going study. But it’s also important to bear in mind how your choices could help you on the pathway you choose after high school.

UAC have produced the Subject Compass that could help you make your decisions more easily.

You can start your search based on your interests, skills, the Uni course you think you’d like to do or the career you’re interested in, or even your personality traits.

Once you’ve entered all your information, you’ll end up with a list of HSC courses that best match your profile. It’ll also tell you your ATAR eligibility based on those options.

It might even be worth a go if you’re pretty certain which subjects you want to take, it could open your eyes to other combinations and pathways.

Read tips and information about how the Subject Compass works, as well as ATAR eligibility before you start your quiz.

Students from any state or territory can use this useful tool, but bear in mind it’s designed to meet the requirements of Year 10 students in NSW.

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