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VTAC Year 10 Guide – 2019

VTAC’s step-by-step guide for year 10 students making subject selections is out now.

It contains lots of information and activities, and will show you how to start the decision making process and set future goals for yourself.

There’s an explantation about the Victorian high school qualifications, tips for researching tertiary (after high school) education options. It also explains the eligibility requirements you’ll need to meet and what course prerequisites you’ll need if you’re planning on pursuing certain pathways.

It’s definitely worth downloading and having a read through, it could really help you get your head in the best possible space for the decision making ahead of you.

You could also check out the Prerequisites for 2021 document. It lists Universities and courses along with the subjects you’ll need to have studied in Years 11 & 12 to apply for entry.

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