Indigenous Language Song Competition 2019

The ABC are asking schools to work together with their local indigenous community, to translate the Marrin Gamu song into the first language of their area.

They’ve provided resources and links to examples of work (including the winners) from previous years, to inspire and help you.

There are some rules:

You must engage your local Indigenous community for assistance in translating the Marrin Gamu song.

Once you’ve got a translated version of the song and perfected it, you’ll have to record a video and send it to ABC Education (their website can only accept videos up to 300MB,  so if you create a larger file size, email them for instructions on what to do).

Don’t forget to include description details of the language the song is in and your location.

The competition is open now and closes  at 5pm, 30 August 2019 (AEST)

1. Upload your video

2. Follow the rules

Uploads that break the rules will not be published on the site.

3. All uploads to ABC Education are moderated

It could take a few days to get any news, then you’ll get an email and your entry will published to the ABC gallery. If there’s any reason your entry can’t be published, you’ll receive an email from the ABC explaining why.

4. Get permission from anyone appearing in your video

Make sure you have permission, preferably in writing, from anyone who appears in your work and email copies along with your video entry. Here’s a Participant Release form from the ABC that you can download and use.

For more information and resource links, here’s the ABC Education page you’ll need.

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