The Hunting | TV Series Premiering

There’s a new series coming to SBS, it “intimately and dramatically imagines the lives of four teenagers, their teachers and their families throughout the lead up, revelation and aftermath of a nude teen photo scandal”.

If you’ve got teens, then it might be worth watching.

Sharing any content online could have impacts from the mildly embarrassing to absolutely unthinkable.

Whilst it seems really unfair that what is posted online may affect your career, that’s a reality. More and more employers are taking to Social Media to pre-vet job applicants for their suitability.

We don’t think you should be pre-judged, based on your own private actions or opinions. But we also can’t change or influence the the decisions employers could make based on what they can “see” about you online.

Until it’s possible to keep online content truly safe and secure – who knows when that will be,  and things change, it may be better to be safe than sorry.

Watching this series could be a great eye-opener for you, and a good way to start a conversation with your high school aged children about the potential impacts of what they post online.

Some sound advice from Social media expert and Manager of Student Communication and Information at UON, Susannah Lynch, is to follow one simple rule: The Grandma Test.

“Before you post something online, think to yourself ‘would I be happy having my Grandma see this?’ If not, you probably should steer clear of uploading it.”

Posting dodgy photos of a wild night out is one thing to avoid, but posting derogatory comments or photos about other people and extreme opinions are also best avoided, they won’t reflect well on the poster.

The series starts on Thursday August 1 at 8.30pm.


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