Indigenous Students

Swinburne supporting pathways for Indigenous girls

Swinburne has formed a new partnership with the Girls Academy. With the aim of further supporting Indigenous girls to go into further education and help them find career pathways.

The partnership will help more girls to find and access suitable courses and pathways, encouraging them in their career goals.

Swinburne staff have spent time visiting the Girls Academy schools in Victoria, providing them with study tips and informing the senior high school students about the options available with Swinburne’s tertiary courses, and letting them know about the Indigenous Student Support services available to undergraduates at the Uni.

Swinburne are also offering campus experiences at Hawthorn and Croydon, and also have plans to co-ordinate an outreach program. The program will focus on (STEM) activities with the hopes of engaging some of the 2,700+ Girls Academy students throughout Australia.

Source: Swinburne News

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