Tertiary Admission Centres | Application Open Dates 2019

If you’re wanting to apply for Uni starting in 2020, you might need to apply through a Tertiary Admission Centre (TAC), and you should start the process soon.


What is a TAC?

TACs are centralised processing institutions, set up to handle the large number of Uni applications each year. They’ll deal with your application and be the ones to let you know of any offers (unless you’re applying directly to the Uni).

If you’re applying for Uni, you’ll need an ATAR or OP ranking number. You’ll be notified of your ATAR result by the relevant TAC for your state.

Lots of Universities encourage applications through the TACs. As you can imagine it’s a whole lot easier for the Uni as they don’t have to wade through all the applications, process them and respond.

For some Universities you can only apply through the relevant TAC. Other Universities will allow you to apply directly to them, or accept either method of application.


Save time

Applying through a TAC is a good idea if you plan on applying to more than one University and for more than one course. That way you can just fill in one form, you can often apply for scholarships or access schemes in the same application as well.

If you’re applying for Universities in different states though, you will have to apply through different TACs.


It will cost you

TACs charge an application fee, to cover their administration costs. These vary between each organisation.

Most of them offer an “early-bird” fee, so getting an application in early could save you time and stress.

If you still want to apply to Uni but don’t decide in time for the early-bird fee. Don’t worry, you can still apply. But the charges usually increase, some quite substantially.


Where to apply

  • If you’re applying for University in Queensland, you’ll need to apply through QTAC. Applications open on Thursday 1 August 2019.


  • If you’d like to study at a Victorian University, you’ll have to lodge an application with VTAC. Applications will be open from 9am on Monday 5 August 2019.


  • Applications for Universities in South Australia and the Northern Territory are through SATAC. You can apply from Monday 5 August 2019.


  • Applying through UTAS in Tasmania is direct. They haven’t released a specific date for applications opening on their website, but it’ll be in early August. You can contact them directly if you need any more information.


  • For Universities in Western Australia, you may have to apply through TISC. Applications will be open from 5 August 2019.


  • If you’re applying for Uni in either New South Wales or the Australian Capital Territory, then you’ll need to apply through UAC. They are open for applications NOW.


Stay tuned, we’ll be publishing lots more information about University applications, how to apply, key dates, fees and more, over the next few weeks and months.


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