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Are you Moving Away to Study?

If you are moving away from home to begin your study, you may be entitled to claim Fare Allowance from Centrelink.

Fare Allowance can help you cover the costs of transport if you need to travel for your study. If you study on campus, you can use the allowance for all of these:

  • 1 trip from your home to your place of study per year
  • 1 trip from your place of study to your home per year
  • 1 additional return trip home per year once you’ve received your payment for over 6 months for tertiary study.

To get Fares Allowance you must be both:

  • a tertiary student
  • getting Youth Allowance, Austudy or Pensioner Education Supplement.

You can read more about Fare Allowance and find out if you’re eligible here.

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