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A great way to revise, is to find past exam papers and do them.



Because practise could really help you improve your performance in exams.


Take it seriously

Pretend you’re in an exam, set the timer and get the questions answered.

Then mark your papers to see how you’ve done.

If you can’t find any resources that show the answers, you can go through your text books, use google, or ask a teacher to go over you practise papers for you.

That way you’ll be able to focus on any areas that you still need to work on. If you’re doing really well, it’ll also give you a boost and allow you to spend more time on other subjects that you’re maybe finding trickier.


Other benefits

  • Get familiar with the paper layout
  • Practise answering all the questions within the allocated time
  • Understand what the examiners will be looking for, which could help you revise more effectively

By the time you’re actually heading into your exam, you might find you’re not as nervous as usual, because you’re more at ease with what’s expected of you.


Past papers from Curriculum and Assessment Authorities:

Here are the links to some of the past papers that we’ve found.

QCAA past papers (QLD)

Doing a search on the SACE website, will bring up some past papers. We couldn’t find a particular page where they’re all stored. You might also have more luck searching for past papers specifically with the subject title in it. (SA & NT)

TASC past exam papers (TAS) select your course.  Then scroll down and click the tab called supporting documents including external assessment material.

SCSA past papers (WA)

Higher School Certificate Courses – NESA, HSC Exam Past Papers – NESA, (NSW)

VCAA Past Exam papers (VIC)

If you’re at high school in the ACT, you might be able to use the resources from NESA, or you could speak with your College and access any past papers that they might have.

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