Get Uni Credits at high school

Some Universities across Australia have designed programs for high school students to take part in.

They could encourage you to pursue a Uni education, see whether you like a course you have in mind (or not) and make your transition from Year 12 into Uni easier.

Some of the courses will even give you credits towards your first year at Uni, that could mean you have less work to do once you get there.

Programs in South Australia:

Flinders – Extension Studies this program is for high-achieving South Australian senior secondary school students.

Providing an opportunity to complement and extend your SACE (you’ll earn credits towards your SACE and ATAR), you’ll also get to experience Uni life.

You can enrol in a maximum of one university topic per semester while completing Year 12. If you successfully complete a topic/s you may gain credit towards a future university degree, which means less work and stress during your first year of Uni, or the chance to take more subjects.  There are a huge number of courses you can choose from.

It will suit students who have the maturity to adjust to a university learning environment. University study demands more independent learning through a student’s own reading, research, online work, and writing.

Participation requires considerable commitment and maturity (you’ll have to manage your own work load and do your own research).  Flinders recommend getting guidance from their support network before applying to make sure you’ll be able to manage the additional work load.

Flinders University offer half fee scholarships to do Extension Studies topics. So you’ll have to fund half of the tuition fee for each topic. The University will cover the Student Services and Amenities Fee.


Uni Melbourne – Kwong Lee Dow Young Scholars Program is an academic enrichment program designed to support high achieving Victorian Year 11 and Year 12, and select secondary students living close to the New South Wales and South Australian borders.

You’ll get to experience university life and take part in a range of academic events and activities, plus get a head start on your future studies and career.

When you finish your secondary studies, you could also be offered a guaranteed place in an undergraduate degree, financial assistance to move to Melbourne, and an overseas scholarship during your studies.

Applications open Monday 2 September 2019


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