The Essential Open Day Checklist

Open Days can be frantic. But if you follow our checklist, you’ll stay in control:

The Pre-Open Day Checklist:


  1. Make a list of what’s important to you

There’s no point walking around 5 different campuses if you don’t know what you’re looking for.

Which of these is most important in your decision making process:

    • Location
    • Reputation
    • Facilities
    • Career / internship opportunities
    • Course prerequisites
    • Alternative pathways on to that course
    • Core modules
    • Majors choices
    • Resources available
    • Contact hours per week
    • Additional hours of study required per week
    • Support services available
    • Career outcomes for that course
  1. Search which open days are on – you can search online, or if you’re a member of Study Work Grow you can use the Study Work Grow Open Day Guide 2019
  1. Register online (not all open days require you to register, but most will)
  1. Add the dates to your calendar & set up reminders
  1. Download the programs, directions / transportation details, and a map of the campus (or print them off). Channel your inner show planning ninja – remember the way you planned your show bag route, it’s the same idea.
  1. Highlight the events that most interest you at each open day.
  1. Make a short planner for each event based around the workshops / talks / information sessions / tours you’ve identified – you don’t want to make all the effort of going and miss out on something essential.
  1. Make a list of questions you’d like answered
  1. Ask a friend, parent or sibling to come with you.

On the day


Make sure you get there early to make the most of the day
Wear comfy, practical clothes. Remember a pen and all your paperwork (or your phone if you’ve downloaded it all)

Attend all the events you have highlighted

Speak with lecturers, current students and staff

Find out what support services are available to you – financial, study, mental health, health, etc.

Take a campus tour and see the facilities including libraries, cafes, banks, book stores, security services, etc.

Check out the accommodation options nearby

See what social clubs and local activities are available for students

Grab the freebies, enter the competitions and sample the food available

After Open Day


  1. Talk to the person you went with, see if their opinions and impressions tally with your own
  1. Make some notes about the Uni; you have enough to remember with all your study and there’s no point wasting your trip
  1. If the open day confirmed your choice of Uni or course, then start your application sooner rather than later. Starting while it’s fresh in your mind means one less thing to worry about down the track when exams are looming
  1. Follow the Uni on Facebook and keep up to date with what’s going on

For more information about Open Days, and to access a copy of a comprehensive list of all the Open Days happening in 2019, you can download the Study Work Grow Open Day Guide 2019.

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