uniTEST at Flinders

If you are in Year 12, you can boost your chances of getting into Flinders University by taking the uniTEST.

uniTEST is an exam-style test and is not based on any curriculum or subject areas. The purpose of uniTEST is to assess the generic reasoning and thinking skills that underpin higher education studies.

Flinders will select students based on your ATAR (60% weighting) and uniTEST score (40% weighting). If you take the test and don’t do so well, don’t worry; they will only consider your ATAR.

uniTEST results can be used for entry to all undergraduate Flinders courses (except the Bachelor of Clinical Sciences/Doctor of Medicine). Note that you still need to apply for your course through SATAC.

You can sit the uniTEST either at your school, or on campus at Flinders University.

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