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With end of year exams looming, you might need a little extra help or motivation to get studying.

Past papers are a good way to practise. Here’s a great resource for past exam papers in your state.

We’ve also found a few other courses or programs that may help.


Academic Task Force have study resources and holiday revision programs.

ATARget provide revision courses, teach study skills and have tutoring available.

Mastermind Australia offer school holiday programs for revision and exam preparation, study skills and essay writing tutorials and private home tuition.

ATARextra also provide ATAR Revision Courses, Study Skills & Tutoring.

Edith Cowan offer FREE ATAR revision sessions, at two locations, for current Year 12 students. Running in the school holidays between 30 September and 4 October 2019 for some subjects. You’ll need to register if you want to attend.



Adelaide Tuition run 3 hour seminars held in the Term 1, 2 and 3 school holidays at St. Aloysius College. Covering important theory, key concepts and practical skills essential to a wide variety of Year 12 SACE subjects. Students are also provided with exclusive seminar notes, designed by expert teachers.

The University of Adelaide’s PCE offers SACE Stage II subject preparation and revision courses, running in the October school holidays.

Adelaide Education Group run revision seminars during the school holidays, they also provide study guides and tutors.

SASTA are running Exam Prep Seminars for Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Psychology. They run in August / September and are held at the University of Adelaide’s Napier Building. You’ll need to enrol and pay online.

Adelaide Education Consultants are offering a SACE Revision Program in October.

Tutors SA have Year 12 revision courses for classes of limited student numbers.



TSFX Exam Revision Lectures provide in-depth preparation for the VCE exams for Year 11 & 12 students. Running from Saturday 31 August to Saturday 5 October 2019. You’ll have to enrol and pay online.

TSSM’s Exam Prep program is running in the September school holidays to help you revise and prepare for the VCE exams.



Matrix Education offer term-time and holiday HSC preparation courses.

Talent 100 also offer in-term and holiday courses to help you with your HSC’s.

The University of Sydney are running HSC Preparation courses for Years 10-12.

InspirED hold face-to-face events, have a study app and have simulated HSC exams to help you prepare.

Prime Education have HSC Exam Preparation courses too.

Aurora College HSC Study days offers online revision classes for all NSW Department of Education schools. They’re for rural, remote or metropolitan students to connect and revise with other students from across the state. Experts, experienced teachers and HSC markers will present HSC examination advice and up to date information on course content.

Cru Camps have a range of study camps running from 28 September to 4 October. For Year 10, 11 and 12 students, to help you prepare for your HSC.


If there’s nothing listed on this post for your state, then maybe try searching online, asking at school or in community groups.

You can look for exam revision resources (past papers, study tips etc.), workshops happening near you, or find tutors that could help you study better for your upcoming exams.


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