Get paid to study teaching

Teach NSW‘s scholarships are open now.

If you are thinking of studying teaching at Uni, or you’re already studying teaching, and financial assistance and a permanent teaching job after completing your degree sounds good, then you should check if you’re eligible to apply.

3 scholarships available are:


220 Teacher Education Scholarships.  If you’re planning on studying, or are already enrolled on, a higher teacher education in the subject areas of mathematicsscience (with physics), selected technological and applied studies subjects or special education (K-12), you may be eligible to apply.

You could receive $5000 per year of full-time study (max. 5 years), a $3000 appointment allowance and a permanent teaching job.


80 Teacher Education Scholarships – Aboriginal are available to available to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander HSC and University students, and career changers looking to make a difference in the community.

You could receive $5000 per year of full-time study (max. 5 years), a $3000 appointment allowance and a permanent teaching job.


60 teach.Rural Scholarships open to HSC and Uni students who would like to take up teaching positions in rural locations.

You could benefit from $7500 per year of full-time study (max. 5 years), $500 per week while completing a rural practicum, a $6000 appointment allowance, and up to $50,000 equivalent upfront course contribution fee. As well as a permanent teaching job

Applications are open now and close on 30 August 2019. As you can imagine these scholarships are really popular so get your applications in as soon as possible.


There’s an additional scholarship open to current Uni students in their final year of a teaching degree in mathematicsscience (with physics), selected Technological and Applied Studies (TAS) subjects and special education (K-12).

There are 40 Incentive Scholarships available, worth a $2500 annual training allowance, $1000 appointment allowance and a Permanent teaching job. Applications must be received by 18 October 2019.


For more information about each scholarship, click on the scholarship name.

You can also search for other Scholarships available on the Study Work Grow database.


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