Murdoch University Portfolio Pathway

Murdoch University’s Media Portfolio Award admission pathway is for creative students who wish to enrol in an Arts course based on their motivation and potential for creative aptitude. You will be assessed by the Academic Chair for your desired course based on your creative portfolio, instead of being considered based on your ATAR.

You can apply for this pathway mid-year during year 12 – even before TISC applications are open – all the way up to the week before University starts in February.

This pathway can be used to gain entry to the following courses:

  • English and Creative Writing (Bachelor of Arts)
  • Games Art and Design (Bachelor of Creative Media)
  • Graphic Design (Bachelor of Creative Media)
  • Journalism (Bachelor of Communication)
  • Photography (Bachelor of Creative Media)
  • Screen Production (Bachelor of Creative Media)
  • Sound (Bachelor of Creative Media)
  • Strategic Communication (Bachelor of Communication)
  • Theatre and Drama (Bachelor of Arts)

Simply apply for your desired course through TISC, then fill out the application form to send to Murdoch along with your portfolio of work, a personal statement, and a letter of endorsement from the school.

Find out more about the pathway here.

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