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Ready to leave school?

If you’re about to leave school and begin the next chapter of life, it can be exciting and of course – a little bit daunting.

Here’s our top things to consider, if you haven’t already.



Whether you plan to start working straight away, get an apprenticeship or traineeship, or plan to do further study and work part time, there’s a few things you’ll need to sort out:

Think about how you want to manage your money. For example:

  • Decide where you want to bank and set up an account.

(If you already have a bank account set up then you could make an appointment to chat with your bank and see if they have anything that could suit you better). Or shop around and see what other banks are offering.

  • The best way to access your money – credit cards can get really expensive, leaving you with lots of debt if you don’t pay them off quickly.


  • In addition to your super it’s great to have a savings account where you can put money out of temptations way while you save up for a trip, car, house deposit or whatever else you’re planning.


  • Planning and sticking to a budget. Sounds boring, right? But not nearly as boring as running out of money before payday and watching all your mates go out and have fun, when you can’t even afford more than 2 minute noodles for tea.  You can always allocate some “fun money” for those days when you do want to splurge a little.


  • Check you’re being paid and taxed correctly.


Learn about Tax and find out how to apply for a Tax File Number (TFN). You don’t want to find yourself in debt or in trouble with the ATO.

Retirement may seem like a really, really long time away – and you’re probably right. But it’s still really important that you learn about superannuation, find a great super fund that’s right for you, and get yourself set up.

If you’d like to go on to study further, see what scholarships are available and apply for them. If you’d like to go to uni, then find out what finance options you have.


Further Study:

If you don’t really want to dive headfirst into work and you’re really keen to continue studying, there are lots of options out there for you.

  • Find out all about studying at Uni or TAFE and how to apply.  If you’re keen to start travelling but you’d also like to study, you could investigate your overseas study options. Remember to get your applications in on time and supply all the supporting documentation required.



Maybe you know what you’d like to do, but you haven’t got the foundations (skills, results or education) you’ll need. Bear in mind there are always alternative pathways open to you and start finding out how you can achieve your goals.

You can read our blogs Have you heard of ‘Alternative Pathways’? and Need to follow an alternative pathway?, if you need a bit more insight. There’ll be more information and links coming soon to the Study Work Grow website too.



If you’ll be moving out of home, for work or study, then you’ll need to find accommodation options that are within your budget.

Take care that as well as meeting your budget, the location and any other requirements are also met. It could drive you nuts if you find a super cheap apartment, but it takes you 2 hours to get to work or uni. Not to mention it’ll cost you more in travel expenses.

  • Contact all the utilities companies and arrange to have bills placed in your name, so you don’t find yourself without electricity, internet, gas etc.


  • Remember to notify organisations about your change of address, e.g. bank, license, employer, super, ATO.


  • You might also want to look at insurance for the contents of your new home.


Other things you might need to do:

Write a great resume. We’ve got some useful hints and tips on our page.

Get your own Medicare card. You can apply for your own when you’re 15.

Set up your Centrelink account and access it online at myGov or through the app – you may have to visit an office to obtain your Customer Reference Number (CRN), if your parents aren’t able to tell you what it is.

Register on the electoral roll and remember to update your address when or if you move.


Once you’ve checked everything off your list, you can relax and get to enjoying life after school.

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