Gold Coast Science Competition

The 33rd annual Gold Coast Science Competition aims to raise the profile of STEM in our community and encourages students to demonstrate their STEM abilities by entering a project into one of five categories. The competition is the largest of its type in Queensland and the competition is fierce with over 500 entries received in 2018.

This year the competition will run from Monday 26 – Thursday 29 August.

Why enter?

  • Stimulate interest in science and provide a valuable science experience to students
  • Students get to pursue an independent project of their choice
  • Provides an opportunity for students to showcase their high-quality work to an audience greater than their classroom teacher
  • An opportunity to provide recognition to quality student work
  • Serve as a challenging, extracurricular assignment that allows students to investigate a scientific problem that interests them
  • Importance for teachers in the joy of seeing their students do well beyond the classroom
  • Creates a competitive spirit amongst students to strive towards continual improvement.

Categories include:

  1. Scientific Investigations
  2. Engineering & Technology Projects
  3. Classified Collections
  4. Communicating Science
  5. Environmental Action Project

Registration is open to divisions from Prep to Year 12.

Find out more and register here:

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