Introduction to Actuarial Science Online Course

The Australian National University is offering a fully-online course for those who may be interested in studying Actuarial Science.

The course is available to anyone, even without any prior knowledge of Actuarial Science. During the course you will learn:

  • The basics of actuarial science
  • Valuing series of cash flows
  • Incorporating uncertainty into cash flows due to investment and mortality
  • Monte-Carlo simulation of uncertain cash flows in Excel (or an equivalent spreadsheet tool)
  • Applying actuarial techniques to life insurance and predicting human life expectancy
  • How actuarial science is used in finance, investments, banking and insurance

During the course you will also hear from a wide variety of actuaries about their careers.

If you are thinking about studying Actuarial Science but aren’t quite sure where to begin, this course could be the perfect starting point.

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