Volunteer at SYN Media

SYN is a media organisation run by a community of young people that provides broadcasting and training opportunities for young Australians. SYN believes young people should be creators, not just consumers of media.

Each year, SYN supports over 500 volunteers under the age of 26 to produce the radio, TV and online media that matters to them.

If you are under the age of 26, you can join SYN as a volunteer. As a volunteer, you can:

  • Present or produce a radio or TV program (Join an existing program or pitch your own!)
  • Write reviews, editorials and online features
  • Apply for our volunteer leadership team (SYN’s Professional Development Program)
  • Join our Industry Mentoring Program
  • Work on event and admin projects

No prior experience with media or broadcasting is necessary. All you need to do is complete SYN’s two-day volunteer induction training course.

Find out more about getting involved here: http://syn.org.au/getinvolved/

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