TAC University Applications for 2020

Already familiar with Tertiary Admissions Centres (TACs), what they do and how they work? Great.

For those of you not so sure, TACs are the organisations who process the thousands of applications to tertiary institutions each year.

So if you’d like to do further studies after high school, there’s a high chance you’ll be applying through a TAC (possibly more than one). Unless of course you’re planning on applying directly to uni.

Each state and territory has it’s own TAC. For example, if you want to apply to one or more Universities located in Queensland, you’d apply through QTAC.

When you’re ready to apply for University, it’s best to familiarise yourself with how each TAC you’re applying to works. Including finding out how to apply, the key dates and checking the fees you’ll have to pay.

Note: there’s an application fee associated with most TACs, and if you apply after the September deadlines, you might have to pay a much higher fee.

Each year the TACs produce their own guides, we’ve pulled them all together in the one spot, so you can read any or all that are relevant to you.

Queensland – QTAC (this link takes you to a page on QTAC’s website, scroll down to the 2020 Guide where you can read it online, or you can download a copy).

New South Wales and Australian Capital Territory – UAC

Victoria – VTAC

Tasmania – UTAS

South Australia and the Northern Territory – SATAC

Western Australia – TISC

If you think there’s just too much information for you to digest, keep your eye out for our Guide on Applying to University – coming soon. We’ve broken down all the information into a step-by-step guide, that’s easy to follow.

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