Early bird fees – University TAC Applications 2020

If you’re applying for University in 2020 through a Tertiary Admissions Centre (such as UAC), then you’ll know that an application fee applies (with the exception of UTAS applications).

There is still plenty of time to get your applications in, but if you’d like to take advantage of the early bird (lower) fees, then you’ll need to get your applications submitted by the following dates:

VTAC (Victoria) submit your application by 5pm 30 September 2019 if you only want to pay $39.

After this date the price goes up to $113 for applications submitted by 5pm 1 November 2019, and $148 for applications after that up until 5pm 6 December 2019.

UAC (New South Wales and the Australian Capital Territory), applications submitted before midnight 30 September 2019 will only be charged a $70 fee.

After this date (up until applications close on 7 February 2020), the fee goes up to $200.

SATAC (South Australian and the Northern Territory) application fee is $45 if you get it submitted by 30 September 2019.

After the early bird cut off date, the fee will be $185.

TISC (Western Australia) only pay $50 for your application, if you submit it before 11pm 30 September 2019. After that date it’ll go up to $165.

QTAC (Queensland) only have one fee of $44 per application right up until 29 February 2020. So there’s no need to hurry to make the most of the early bird fee, but applying earlier could remove some of the pressure during your final exam period.

UTAS (Tasmania) don’t charge an application fee, but they do list their ‘on-time’ application closing date as 5pm 30 September 2019.

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