Curtin | Communicating with Robots and Bots MOOC

Curtin University has released a new Massive Online Open Course titled “Communicating with Robots and Bots”. This course explores how people communicate with robots and bots in everyday life, both now and into the future.

Robots and bots are being developed to populate our homes, workplaces and social spaces, as well as the online spaces we frequent. How do people communicate with robots and bots? What does the future hold for human-robot communication and collaboration?

During the course you will learn:

  • Some ways to define what robots and bots are
  • How people interpret robots and bots as communicating, social, even emotional others
  • Whether robots and bots need to communicate in humanlike ways to be understood
  • The potential of robots with non-humanlike form, behaviour and communication

The course is completely free and can be completed online.

Find out more and enrol here:

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