Australian Border Force Careers

If you’re interested in a career that could be different every day, is challenging and rewarding, you could consider becoming a Border Control Officer.

You could be patrolling Australia’s air and seaports, remote locations, mail and cargo centres and Australia’s extended maritime domain. Officers also perform specialist functions relating to investigation, compliance and immigration detention operations.


  • be an Australian Citizen
  • be aged 18 or older
  • have Government security clearance (and maintain it)
  • pass ABF physical fitness standards (and maintain them)

You’ll then have to apply for the Border Force Officer Recruit Training Program (BFORT) where you’ll be required to:

  • complete Operational Safety Training, carry and use personal defence equipment, including a firearm, if required
  • have completed a Year 12 education, or Year 10 with a trade certificate or Year 10 with a Cert IV and/or equivalent

Ensure you meet other entry requirements such as wearing a uniform, agree to be deployed at short notice, etc.

You can read all about what it takes to join the Australian Border Force (ABF) on their official website.

Applications for the Border Force Officer Recruit Training Program are currently closed. The next annual recruitment process is likely to be advertised in January 2020. You’ll need to check here for updated information.

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