Gap Year

A gap year doesn’t mean a gap in learning

Have you got a gap year planned but you’re worried about whether you’ve made the right choice?

Or perhaps you’d really like to take a gap year but you’re concerned about missing out on career and education choices.

Fear not, there are loads of reasons why a gap year could be a really positive career move, as well as a great experience.

You could learn new skills or improve on existing ones (like languages for example).

It could provide you with the time out, or experience, that really cements your career choice and pathway.

If you plan on working, you’ll get to sample different jobs and industries, save up for future studies. You could feel more refreshed and motivated to start learning if you plan to go back to uni or college after taking some time out.

If you’re looking for more reasons to go ahead with a gap year, read this article.

Now’s the time to start planning for a gap year if you haven’t already, it could still be an option even if you’ve already applied to uni. Lots of uni’s will make you an offer and allow you to defer your start date for 12 months, why not weigh up your options.


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