Cyber Security

Cyber security helps organisations – small and large – and individuals prevent data breaches, identity theft, malware and ransomware attacks, and aids in risk management.

What type of person would this job suit?

  • You’ll need to have great tech skills including system and web application administration, coding, understand the architecture, administration, and management of operating systems, networking, and virtualisation software
  • Strong problem solving and analytical skills in conjunction with patience and determination
  • Be focused and vigilant with attention to detail
  • You’ll need to be an enthusiastic and continuous learner to ensure you keep your skills up to date
  • Be able to work collaboratively and be approachable to everyone
  • You’ll also need good communication and report writing skills


Industries where cyber security is important:

  • Banking and Finance
  • Government and Defence
  • Healthcare
  • Online Retail
  • Education
  • Transport and Travel, e.g. Aviation



Interested in a career protecting people’s online lives and have the desire to learn more about IT? There are a few pathways you could consider that could kick start your career in cybersecurity.

Obtaining a university degree seems an obvious place to start, and could give you the qualifications to apply for more advanced professional roles in the industry. Finding cadetships and paid internships that you can do while you’re studying could help pay for your degree, and will also give you invaluable work experience that could put you ahead of the competition.

Study a Bachelor of Science (Cyber Security) at ECU and you could be prepared to start a career in the fields of network security, computer forensics, information warfare and wireless security. This degree is even available to complete online.

The Bachelor of Cyber Security and Master of Information Technology in Cyber Security from Macquarie is a good example of a comprehensive course that would give you all the qualifications you need (and then some).

Alternatively, you can start out at TAFE, gain a Cert IV and get relevant work experience in entry level positions and working your way up, or opt to return to uni later on.

The Certificate IV in Cyber Security from TAFE Queensland is an example of a qualification that could get your career started.



Cyber Security Support Officer / Analyst

Certificate IV

Plans, performs, oversees, and upgrades the security of computers and network systems. They also help to fix and protect computer systems from data theft by staying abreast of the latest technological developments.

You will usually be working alongside, and possibly under the supervision of, a degree qualified technician as part of an IT team.

You could expect to earn $46,000 per year at this level, but this can vary hugely depending on work experience.


IT Support Officer in Brisbane

IT Support Officer in Newcastle


Cyber Security Engineer / Software Developer


Develop effective solutions to increase the security of their company’s systems and projects. Create new ways to solve existing security issues and have an advanced understanding of intrusion detection and prevention protocols.

Salary depends on your qualifications and work experience; you could expect to start earning at $62,000 per year.


Information Security Officer in Sydney

Security Operations Engineer in Brisbane

Security Engineer – Firewall, IPS, IDS , SIEM in Sydney


Ethical Hacker / Pen (Penetration) Tester

Tertiary Qualification (Bachelor degree desirable)

Penetration testing strengthens the organisation’s security system by uncovering vulnerabilities, malicious content, flaws, and risks.

Ethical hackers are similar to penetration testers. They must find ways into systems without affecting the functioning of it, locating the vulnerabilities. They then report on problems and recommend and implement fixes.

At this level you could expect to earn over $83,000 per year for entry level positions, with good prospects for earning substantially more with experience.


Penetration Tester in Melbourne

Penetration Tester in Sydney


Security Architect

Bachelor Degree

Senior-level employees responsible for designing, building and overseeing the implementation of network and computer security for an organisation.

At this level you could expect to be earning $120,00 per year – but you’ll need the relevant years of work experience as well as the relevant qualifications.


Security Architect, Cyber Defense & Fraud Engineering in Sydney

Group Cyber Security Architect in Melbourne

Enterprise Security Architect in Perth


Growth in this industry is strong and expected to remain so.

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