Interactive online spy test

The Australian Secret Intelligence Service (ASIS) – not be confused with ASIO – are Australia’s equivalent to MI6 or the CIA.

Obviously because they’re the top notch secret services, they can’t just go recruiting Joe Bloggs off the street through your average, everyday job application and interview process.

So in 2017 they launched their interactive online quiz, simply called ‘the most interesting job interview” – which let’s face it you’d have to do a bit of sleuthing to know what they’re talking about. You can still have a go at it now.

Don’t worry it’s not too intense, you’ll be asked to do a few visual and aural exercises, as identifying pattern recognition, listening skills and attention to detail are a few of the basic attributes that ASIS looks for in their recruits.

At the end you’ll find out if you’re the kind of person they’re looking for…. or not.

Have a go here.


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