Why bother with a summer job?

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After a hectic school year you might just be craving some time out and looking forward to winding down.

Getting a summer job could be the last thing on your mind.

But have you considered all the benefits of a summer job? If not, here’s a few that might just change your mind and have you reaching for the classifieds:

  • Feel more confident applying for jobs and attending interviews


  • Help you build an attractive resume which could make you stand out to future employers, or make your uni application more competitive


  • Learn all kinds of new skills – some you might not even realise you’re doing, like prioritising and multi-tasking


  • Gain insight into different jobs, find out if there’s something you’d like to explore further, or put it on the “no thanks” list


  • Getting a job during high school will give you an advantage over people who wait until after graduation to land a job


  • Develop and practise life skills including:

– time management

– patience

– communication

– customer service

– people skills

– collaboration

– team work

– good work ethic

– leadership

– problem solving

These will look great on your resume, be useful at school and throughout your working life


  • Professional networking – this could guarantee you a job to come back to in future, or secure you a part time job while you study, get you a great reference, or through word of mouth could get you an even bigger and shinier job offer.


  • Earn your own spending money to do with exactly as you’d like, help out at home, or put towards your savings for a car, gap year or uni expenses.


  • Get familiar with entitlements, taxes, banking and budgeting


  • Getting a summer job could help you assert your independence, boost your self-confidence, and learn more about your capabilities.

You might think that showing up to work flipping burgers or serving up ice creams won’t benefit you much at all, but aside from earning some cash, it could teach you how to motivate yourself (getting up each day to do something you’re not mad about), work hard, prioritise tasks, and achieve goals. Plus you could make new friends and have some fun along the way.

At the end of the day life is all about balance. So there’s no need to find a job that has you slaving away from sun-up till sun-down, seven days a week. Something part time and flexible will give you all the benefits, plus allow you the time you’d like to enjoy the summer break.

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