Changing Preferences Guide 2019

When you submit a university application, particularly through an admissions centre (QTAC, VTAC, UAC, TISC, SATAC or UTAS), you get to choose a few courses you’d like to study.

You’re supposed to rank your choices in terms of which one you’d most like to do first, hence the name “preferences”.

But did you know

  • You can change your preferences for any reasonĀ before the ATAR / OP release date
  • Once the ATARs are released, there’s a window before the main round of offers are made when you’ll have the chance to change your preferences again
  • Once the main of offers are over, you’ll still have the opportunity to be considered for future offer rounds as well (even if you receive and offer….. and even if that offer was for your first preference).

Need some help?

The changing preferences system can be confusing, we get that.

So here at Study Work Grow, we’ve put together a guide that could help you get some clarity about the process, your options and how to go about making the changes.

Since preferences are linked to offers, of course we couldn’t leave them out.

You can download the guide here.

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