University Offers Simplified

In an ideal world, you’ll know exactly what you’d like to study and where. You put that in your first preference spot on your university application which you then submit to the admissions centre (or direct to some institutions).

The ATAR release date comes around, you get the score you wanted – or better – and a few days later you receive an offer to study the course you wanted.

Unfortunately life isn’t always that straight forward. So what happens if you miss out on your first preference, don’t get any offers at all, or get an offer for your first preference but change your mind and want to study something else?

We’ve created this step by step flow chart that explains the offers process and your options in each scenario.

And YES you can accept an offer in the main round and still wait for other offers in future rounds.

If you find yourself in the position of having received multiple offers that you’ve accepted, that’s absolutely fine. Then you get to choose which offer best suits you and simply withdraw from the other offers.

Important remember to withdraw from any institutions you’ve accepted offers from but don’t want to study at anymore, before the census date – or you might find yourself paying for more than one lot of uni fees.

For more information about changing preferences, key dates, etc., you can download our 2019 guide here.

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