7 great ways to recover from exams

7 great ways to recover from exams

Bravo, exams are over and you survived.

While part of you is probably feeling euphoric, you might also be feeling drained or even a bit down. It’s completely normal after a hectic school year and all the pressure of exams.

We’ve put together some ideas that could help get you back on track.


  1. Celebrate

Go ahead, you most definitely deserve it.

You could:

  • Organise a party with all your friends, it doesn’t have to cost you much – take the cricket set, a ball or the slip and slide to a park and just hang out
  • Pamper yourself with a really special treat, massage or couch day
  • Have a night out with family or friends, go to the movies or your favourite restaurant
  • Have a day at the shops indulging in some retail therapy
  • Book yourself tickets to go to a music festival or gig
  • Take a day trip and spend the day doing what you love – picnic at the beach, hiking, be a tourist for the day, hit the water park


  1. Look after yourself

Repay your sleep deficit with some long lie ins and early nights, no doubt you’ve had late nights up revising and stressing lately.

It’s probably been easier to grab lollies and quick (possibly unhealthy) snacks. So you could take time now to do some home cooking, or indulge yourself with nourishing foods from your favourite café.

Spend some time outside, relax and breathe in some fresh air instead of the recycled stuff you might have been taking in at the exam halls and library.

Book a massage or some yoga classes, whatever will help you to unwind and relax any bunched up muscles.


  1. Cleanse

Channel Marie Kondo and have a huge clear out.  Bin (or sell) any books, revision notes and study notes that you’ve no intention of using ever again.

De-clutter your room and remove all the reminders of exams gone by. Then box up your study area and put it all away out of sight.


  1. Plan a change

Taking a complete break from your norm could put a spring back in your step. So why not plan a holiday, or even a gap year.

If you haven’t got the time or the money available just now to do anything big, you could always arrange a camping trip. Some time out in nature and sleeping under the stars – what could be more relaxing than that?


  1. Think ahead

Start planning and organising for the next chapter of your life.

If you’re in Year 12, then make sure you’re as sorted as you can be for uni.

  • Find accommodation
  • Start accumulating everything you’ll need, from pots and pans to bedding
  • Find out where you might be able to buy second-hand text-books, it could save some money next year
  • Start researching or applying for scholarships or Centrelink payments
  • Get your own Medicare card and Centrelink customer reference number organised

If you’re going to start work or vocational studies likes an apprenticeship, you’ll need to make sure you’ve got a bank account, tax file number and super account ready to go.

Still got school next year – think about what you could outside school that’ll build your skills and experience. Look at study tips that could help you do better without working harder. Create a resume.


  1. Grow

Find summer jobs that you’d like to apply for and go for it.

See what volunteering opportunities there are near you.

Research careers, maybe you’ll stumble across something that inspires you, find pathways that you didn’t know about, or reaffirm a choice you’ve already made.

Have a look around for short courses, summer holiday programs and workshops happening near you, or just look up fun events in your area where you could meet new people (network) and open yourself up to new experiences and opportunities.

Whatever you do, don’t forget to add all your new skills and experience to your resume.


  1. Go with the flow

Make the most of not having to do anything, sit back and enjoy a bit of breathing room.

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